More Befunge with Project Euler

A lot of you probably have seen various befunge stuff on this site.

But a thing I do now for a while is solving the Project Euler problems in befunge.
To celebrate fifty solved levels I want to rally you again to my blogpost about this project and the table with all my solved problems.

Have a look and perhaps feel inspired to do a few problems by your self - most of them are quite fun and challenging.

I am Number Four

When you see this Log you probably notice that this site looks a whole lot different than a few days before.
And you you can probably guess it I rewrote this website completely from scratch.
Finally there is a real PHP Framework behind this all (Yii with Yiistrap) and my code looks kinda good and is version controlled.

My hopes are that I can now easier add new programs and that the whole page looks a bit more professional.
If you want to see how this page has evolved over the years - here are the thumbnails of mikescher.de version 1, 2, 3 and the current 4:

version 1 version 2 version 3 version 4

Also look at the new Blog section, for now there is not much content but perhaps that will change over te next few months.

~ Mikescher

Language changes


I am currently changing the main languages of this website to english. That means not only that all future Logs will be written in english, but also that i will translate the old ones.


New Download: Crystal Grid

The same procedure as last program ?
The same procedureas every program.

You see nothing really different, i wrote a little game in my spare free time. And now I'm uploading it.
It's a little game named Crystal Grid. Im pretty proud of the difficulty. It's pretty forgiving as long as you play on Beginner but extremely challenging on Impossible.

If you dare (and like) you can try beat my highscore ... Mike

Big clean up

Yesterday I decided that a lot of my website is out of date and I should probably re-evaluate whats on here.
To be short: I completely removed the fun-page, most links were netherless broken and the rest didn't really fit this page. Also I re-did the Downlaodpage, you can now see

  • absCanvas-Links
  • Versionnumbers
  • The sourcecode from a few programs
  • Sort by Date
  • The last added program on the mainpage

and a lot more.

Also I improved my Adminpage, hopefully I can now more easily upload and change programs/logs.

Finally I have an PSA for you: While writing my PHP-Code i found a pretty cool Editor (previously I used Notepad++):
Weaverslave 4

You all a good day ~ Mike

New Download: Borderline Defense

Perhaps I'm making too much Mini-Games, but hey .... here is another one:

I proudly present you Borderline Defense. Borderline Defense is a funny little Space-Invaders-Clone and the final project of 2 years Delphi-AG. Programmed (and designed) from the members of the Delphi-AG and the two leaders (Benjamin and myself) has it grown into a playable and quite funny game. The background work is done by my absCanvas-Engine and the Special features are:

  • Endless Gameplay (as long as you can last)
  • An Online-Highscore
  • A Boss Fight at stage 20 (and 40, 60, 80 etc )
  • And a ship with 10 different upgrade levels

So, thats it ... have fun Mike

New Download: Infinity Tournament

Okay, okay, after a loooong time I will write something in the log.
In the last few months there wasn't much on this site, but be sure mikescher.de is not (yet) dead.
I just have a lot to do with my abi and beside that I'm working on our Clan-homepage SemteX.

But I also wrote a few programs and I want to upload one which has gotten quite a bit of progress and is nearly finished: Infinity Tournament 1.2.
It's based on an old game by me, but writte completely frokm scratch new in my on 2D-Canvas Engine (absCanvas) ... have fun


Spammers gonna spam

grml After you guys started spamming my guestbook I saw myself forced towards a little bit of more drastic measures.
So you are now forced to solve a capture everytime you want to post something.
Have fun :)

Btw, i took the "fun" path and tried writing my own captcha code, here you can see the result:


Airline BSOD

Some people say flying gets safer and safer ... But see for your self:



I think i may use the train :D

New Download: LAN Control 2.0

I have uploaded another of my older programs: LAN-Control 2.0.
You probably didn't even know the 1.0 version, because i never came to publish that version either.
And, to be quite frankly, it wasn't really a thing i would show others.

But now the completely rewrote version is online and if you want you can test it out.

MfG Mike

"FUN" update

After a lot of requests i come to update the Fun-Page.
The flying parts are now a good amount slower and the colors not that bright ...

Complaints can go into the guestbook.

Greetings Mike

New Layout!

After a kinda long wait the new Style is finally online. You can now look at the glorious mikescher.de 3.0

Write in the (also new) Guestbook what you think about it.
Here is a little overview over the past versions:

v1.0: version 1

v2.0: version 2

v3.0: version 3

Mess with the best ...

I have to say: Wow .

Someone really took the time to "hack" my website.
Yesterday someone changed my files to display this messsage on the mainpage:

**Diese Seite wurde gehackt.** Sorry wegen der Shoutbox, die ist jetzt e bissle verschoben :D *Und sie bleibt es auch, bis die Sicherheitslücke entfernt ist :P*

I think if found the hole, and hopefully i prevented all future XSS-atacks
I hope there will be no more ... suprises.

Beginning the log

I can proudly say, i finally started the new (and better) Layout.
Simultaneously i have started this log.

I hope many more log-entries will follow.

~ Mike