Downloads: 1278
Highscore: 74679113
Languages: English
Added: 14.04.2012
Version: 1.5

Infinity Tournament

A while ago a friend and I developed a game for school. It was a Towerdefence game and i think it was pretty nice.
The problem was that we developed it in Greenfoot - and we reached pretty fast the limitations of this framework.

So after all that I decided to rewrite it completely new in my own game-framework absCanvas.
Infinity Tournament is a futuristic themed Towerdefence with an endless amount of waves that get hader with every round.

It has some cool features like:

  • endless gameplay
  • online competitive highscore
  • multiple pre-made maps
  • a custom map-editor
  • futuristic-neon theme and free electro music
  • 3 different tower with multiple diferent upgrade stages

Let's see how high you can get in the highscore