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Languages: English
Added: 17.10.2013


SuperBitBros is a clone of the original Super Mario for the NES.
I took the time and converted all of the original levels into my own level format that I use for SuperBitBros. So you can play all the old levels with a little tweak: When you die, and you have no lifes left, you have to start over.
So you could argue that this is essentially a rogue-like Super-Mario. Most of the things remained unchanged but I tweaked the amount of coins you get so its not totally impossible to beat the whole game.
Also I added 3 different skins, mainly because I'm totally untalented with graphics and my first two attempts didn't pleased me :).

If you want you can create your own levels, every level is just a simple .ora image - there currently no way to load custom levels, but it should be fairly easy to recompile the program.

Have fun