Advent of Code 2020 - Rust

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Not much to talk about this time.
I decided to try out rust this year (I have little experience, but I'm still fighting against the borrow-checker...)

I'm a bit sad I can't make a nice web version as last year (with typescript) so you either have to believe my solutions or compile/run it local:

> run with cargo run {arguments}:

  advent_of_code_2020 help
  advent_of_code_2020 <day>
  advent_of_code_2020 <day> <task>
  advent_of_code_2020 all
  advent_of_code_2020 table

  -h --help
  -b --benchmark
  -v --verbose
  -t --time

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10

made with vanilla PHP and MySQL, no frameworks, no bootstrap, no unnecessary* javascript