Rapla Enhancement Script



I don't think many of you know rapla. And you should probably be thankful about that. But if you happen to study at the DHBW-KA, or any other place that uses rapla you could be interested in my enhancement-script.

Rapla is a Resource scheduling and event planing software (mostly used for timetables), and my rapscript enhances the (not very good) online view.


It contains the following features:

  • Highlight courses you participate in
  • Highlight special events (free days, etc. ^_^)
  • Cleaner style
  • Highlight current day
  • Highlight current hour
  • Show horizontal time marker, that moves in realtime (the red line)
  • Show on weekends (saturday / sunday) the next week insted of the current

The script works on Greasemonkey for Firefox or Tampermonkey for Google Chrome and can be downloaded from this Gist:

Open Gist

made with vanilla PHP and MySQL, no frameworks, no bootstrap, no unnecessary* javascript