Crystal Grid

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CrystalGrid is again an absCanvas-game by me.
The game is a tactical "warfare" simulator, if you want to call it that way. Practically its about fastly killing the enemy cannons with your own. On the way to your target you ccan conquer neutral cannons and assimilate enemy cannons.

Your enemy is a KI (even so I plan to implement a player-vs-player mode) with 4 different difficulties.
While you are probably able to easily beat all 38 levels on Easy it gets harder with every difficulty.
The final setting Impossible becomes a real challenge, and at the time I wrote this nobody has beaten every level in this setting. (Even so it's definitely not impossible :D )

A little gimmick is the KI-vs-KI where you can watch th level played only by computer controlled players


You start with one ore more of your own cannon type.
This cannon will immediately start shooting, you can change the direction by draggging the cannon.

Your own cannon is green, neutral cannons (that don't belong to any player) are gray and enemy cannons have their respective team color (red for a single computer enemy).

Every cannon has a regenerating health meter, only if a cannon has full health it will shoot. Shoot at other cannons to decrease their life if they are enemies, or increase their life if they are on your side.

A zero health cannon becomes neutral once again, so you can assimilate a enemy cannon by first decreasing their (enemy) health to zero and then increasing (your own) health back to full.

You can eliminate enemy bullets by shooting at them, they will destroy each other.

You can "charge" your won cannons by shooting at them, their shooting speed will increase with every cannon feeding into them.

You win the game when you assimilate the last active enemy cannon.
You loose the game when you loose your last cannon.

Tips & Tricks

When two equal players shoot at a neutral cannon the first hit will decide the win because the cannons auto-regeneration will help him out.

Neutral cannons try (badly) to defend themselve, try to use that to your advantage.

Your cannons do have a maximum shooting speed, it may be more wisely to spread your power onto multiple cannons.

Be aware that your own bullets bounce from each other, fights can become really messy that way.

Slow down the speed in critical moments.

There are different kinds of wall, some destroy your bullets and some just reflect them, this ciuld be a strategical advantage.

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